We offer beginner sessions during the Summer, Fall and Spring seasons. Please contact us to find the best schedule, our classes run weekends and during the week during the school year. (Link to our schedule)

Join our program for youths between the ages of 4 and 17 with an interest in developing sailing skills and having an awesome experience, with access to opportunities for personal growth in an environment that fosters confidence, independence, teamwork, problem-solving, sportsmanship, and life-long friendships.

RCYC's Youth Sailing program offers advanced sailing clinics throughout the year with the goal to equip our sailors to compete at advanced levels. The following are direct links to each of the classes we offer:

Optimist Beginner
Race Team (Optimist / Laser - ILCA)
C420 High School

Youth Sailing at RCYC is:

A thrilling Adventure

It brings Life Balance to a deeply screen-dependent world.

Work Ethic in a fun environment.

Fun time and Bonding with others.

Innovation while developing skills and a Passion for Sailing.

You can download or program Brochure here.

We invite you to visit our YouTube Channel with your kids to learn more about what we do and the awesome experience sailing offers to our youth.

Beginner sailors will start in the Optimist Dinghy and then move into the ILCA (Laser) dinghy for single-handed racing or the Club 420 for double-handed racing as they get older and develop skills. RCYC offers a US Sailing Certified coach on staff, Paul Barnes, who has a passion for teaching and inspiring sailing abilities as well as empowering our young sailors. 

Please contact us before you register

RCYC Family Testimonials

The RCYC Youth Sailing Program is the only program my kids refuse to miss each year!  Every time I pick up our son, he says ‘my day was AMAZING! It was SO awesome!’.  As a parent, we see it building self-awareness, strength, control and plenty of self-confidence.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Rush Creek Race Team creates an amazing opportunity for my kids to grow, learn to be independent and most importantly have fun!” 
The Rush Creek Youth Sailing program provides a safe community in which my child has learned independence, responsibility, and problem solving skills that he can apply to all aspects of life. He gets to learn all these things while enjoying the calm and peace the water brings with the wind in his hair and sun on his skin……
The Rush Creek Youth sailing program has built character in our two sons since they were very little and continue to develop it in their teenage years. Learning to sail with the support of a great coach while surrounded by friends their age has fostered independence, courage, confidence and a love of the outdoors that is rare in today’s culture.  We are so glad we chose to introduce the boys to sailing through Rush Creek at a young age!  Having other kids their age involved in the sport is key……
Rush Creek has given us the perfect sailing home for our daughter to enhance her skills, create friendships on the water, and pursue her passion for sailing – we are so thankful to have found Rush Creek……
Youth sailing at Rush Creek has given our family the opportunity to live experiences shared by generations of sailors, same stories, same adventures  that today are so hard to offer to our children. The competitive side of sailing encourages leadership across all ages in a fun and safe environment……

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