Race Team Schedule

Upcoming events and Regattas

Dec 4 - Youth Awards at RCYC at 2:00 PM

Come taste the gumbo! PA​​​Y​C (POSTPONED)*

Feb 25-26 USODA Horizon - Completed!

Mar 25-26 Road Runner AYC (Austin)

Apr 22-23 Battle of the Bay HYC (La Porte)

May 06-07 Grand Prix at GSC (Grapevine)

Jun 05-09  Week 1 Summer Camp RCYC

Jun 10-11 Changes in L'Attitude (Corpus)

Jun 15-17  MC Scow Nationals (RCYC)

Jun 19-23 Week 2 Summer Camp

Jun 26-30 Week 3 Summer Camp

Jul 06-09 Texas Youth Race Week Lakewood

Jul 10-14 Week 4 Summer Camp

Jul 17-21 Week 5 Summer Camp

Jul 24-28 Week 6 Summer Camp

Jul 29-30 Rockin Rockport RYC

Jul 31-Aug 4 Week 7 Summer Camp

Aug 26-27 Dust Bowl at Oklahoma OCBC

Sep 09-10 Rock the Rock at CSC (White Rock)

Sep 23-24 Jr 'Ol Man of the Sea FWBC

Oct 14-15 Pirates of the Corinthian (DCYC)

Nov 04-05 Chocopalooza at RCYC (End of year)

*Event is not counted for TSA scoring

Seasonal Schedule - We sail all year at RCYC

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Tuesdays 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM (High School and Beginners)

Wednesdays (Race)

Thursdays (Race)

Saturdays (Optimist)

Sundays (Laser/ILCA)

Wednesdays (Optimist + Laser)

Saturdays (Optimist + Laser)

Sundays (Club Racing MC Scow / IC/24)

Tuesdays (High School and Beginners)

Wednesdays (Race)

Thursdays (Race)

Saturdays (Optimist)

Sundays (Laser/ILCA)

Weekdays (All classes)

No sessions on Weekends

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