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RCYC's Youth Sailing program offers advanced sailing sessions throughout the year for our Race Team, with the goal to equip our sailors to compete at advanced levels. Our team competes in TSA Youth Regatta Circuit (Link to TSA Texas Sailing Association ). We also offer beginner sessions during the Summer, Fall and Spring seasons. Please contact us to find the best schedule, our classes run weekends and during the week during the school year. (Link to our schedule


The ILCA (Laser) class is for sailors who have experience sailing and are interested in racing competitively. The ILCA (Laser) will be focused on refining boat handling skills and introducing racing skills and strategy. By changing only the sail and lower mast the ILCA (Laser) can be sailed comfortably in all wind conditions and provide exciting but controlled sailing for any sailor weighing as little as 73 lbs. There are 3 rig sizes, ILCA 4 (4.7), ILCA 6 (Radial) and ILCA 7 (Standard). The minimum age for this class is 13 years old.

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Green + Red/White/Blue

The Optimist Race Team class is for kids that have perfected the basics of rigging and sailing their boats, sailors interested in racing competitively. The focus are tactics and racing rules to improve race course results. Green Fleet will join this group, one of our club secrets! 

Race Team Abilities Taught:

• More focused practices to improve specific racing skills, perfect handwork, footwork, tuning and boat handling techniques.

• Sail trim, control adjustments, body placement, maximize boat speed.

• Perfecting maneuvers including roll tacks, roll jibes, quick 360's, mark roundings and starting acceleration

• Understanding wind shifts, race course strategy and starting strategy.

• Regatta coaching at Texas Sailing Association (TSA) events.

Texas Sailing Association

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